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Post Graduation Diploma In Computer Application

Apex University’s Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application prepares students to seek relevant work opportunities in Computer Application industry. This coursesupports students from several disciplines and build anauspicious career in the software engineering by emerging IT-related skills and considerate concepts related to computers and their applications. The courseis designed to generate the programming and logical skills of the students. The program's curriculum is extended with topics such as Advanced Java, PHP, Software Tools, RDBMS, Web Design, Mini-Projects, and others.


Apex University offers a strong foundation for the academic concepts of computer science and a strong foundation for graphic programming languages. PGDCAprogram is designed to run software applications for business and industry. Successful students can also select an educational career in secondary school

The prospects of this course are to teach the basic skills required by the business through a collaborative learning process. Prepare students on basic computer technology ideas and information technology applications.

  • To strengthen career opportunities in the state's software development and maintenance departments.
  • To represent students to open-source technology to be familiar with discover suitable business and industry openings.
  • Provide students with practical experience while developing real-world IT applications as part of their coursework.
  • Strengthen the student's knowledge base through various activities complementing theoretical research.
  • Expanding capabilities of planning, analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance of software products for real-time systems
  • To department more progressive research in computation or related areas and prepare learners for work in education and research.
  • In this computer-oriented, technology-driven era, doing PGDCA provides many job opportunities for the students with deep knowledge of computer.
  • Students can seek employment as Computer Operators, Software Engineers, Application Specialists, Computer Operators, and Computer Teachers/Instructors.
  • Learning Goal

    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application(PGDCA) provided by Apex University is an introductory program for students to get a basic knowledge of computers, computing techniques, operating systems, database management, and programming. PGDCA is a program designed to teach various functional areas of IT. It helps prepare graduates to acquire software development skills and develop human resources for computer education and research. This program enriches students with a sound and comprehensive knowledge of well-known programming languages such as Java, Android, and Python. The program offers a specialized area of computer science with technical and business skills and training to develop professionals in the industry of the future.


    Important skills are basic Windows skills, database knowledge, and MS Office applicationsusing Microsoft Accessare required. They should have good knowledge of internet usage and related aspects. Applicants willing to become university lecturers are also appropriate.

    Career Options

    The candidates for this diploma course differ in the IT industry. They offer a lot of work for start-ups and even well-established multinational companies that range from building websites, computer applications, and software. Are related. You can get the opportunity. There are employment opportunities not only in India but also abroad. The PDGCA curriculum will allow students to become IT companies in various roles, including software engineers, computer programmers, analysts, interface engineers, web developers, Java developers, project managers, information security analysts, IT consultants, etc. Alternatively, you can use additional programs and computer languages such as Java, C++, and Python to increase your work opportunities.

    Candidates can go for higher degree programs in their respective disciplines, such as master's degrees. There are many career opportunities in PDGCA field. In this sector, candidates can find employment in public and private sectors, banking, insurance, accounting, stock market, e-commerce, and marketing. Professionals in this career can also opt for an educational job in a university or college. They can also be computer operators in many companies.

    DURATION : 1 Year

    ELIGIBILITY : Passed in Bachelor’s degree (any discipline) or equivalent. Obtained at least 48% Marks for all categories.

    ADMISSION CRITERIA : Apex Common Entrance Test (ACET) Merit in Qualifying Examination + Personal Interview

    SCHEDULE : Yearly

    PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS : Computer Application is an academic program that integrates the fields of computer engineering and computer science. Computer Application programs also include core subjects of computer science such as operating systems, theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures and database systems.

    What is the Career Prospects After doing PGDCA?
    Career prospects are at designing, developing and troubleshooting computing devices (such as personal computers, supercomputers, robots, smartphones, networking devices, embedded devices), focusing the underlying fundamental issues (like processor architecture design, operating system design, memory management, digital system design, communication protocol design, software development and database management) in the most efficient and effective way.

    How can I get admission at Apex?
    You may apply online and offline.

    Can I do job during my studies?
    Yes,You can do job during your studies. You have to submit No Objection Certificate for the same.

    Why Choose Us?
    Following Skill Enhancement Certified learning are provided additional to Academic Excellence in the parameters UOR syllabus, enabling students to be more competitive, confident, adaptable & employable.

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