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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning College In Jaipur, Rajasthan

Apex University Jaipur introduces computer science and engineering, specializing in artificial intelligence. This program attracts keen attention and adequately covers all the core topics in computer engineering including the practicality of the growth of artificial intelligence in the technology sector.

The curriculum of this program is primarily designed to educate college students on a significant number of computer algorithms and features. It goes beyond limits to improve gadget accuracy through several educational models. Therefore, this path is supervised, unsupervised, and a complete collection of the half. The main focus of this program is on problem-solving, inference, model planning, natural language processing, pattern recognition, and fuzzy reasoning.


Artificial intelligence provide insight into object detection and many predictive modeling and pattern recognition. Artificial intelligence will bring extraordinary improvements in every work area in the future. Create new business avenues in data engineering, data and image analysis, pattern recognition, speech recognition, data processing, software development, program management, and gesture recognition. The demand for Artificial intelligence Licensing Institutions grows with the trends with all the different digital technologies.


Evidence is being developed from information that artificial intelligence, mechanical research, data science gurus, and scientists are in great demand. This lack of authority, coupled with the reality that the fields of artificial intelligence, robotic research, and data science are underpinned by a wealth of theoretical considerations and practical tools that are inevitably inherent, is a strong desire for BTech is the presence ofartificial intelligence programs. The BTech program in Artificial Intelligence and Machinery presents the fundamental historical past of Computer Science, and impeccably combines Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Knowledgeprograms to empower students. Artificial intelligence effectively in companies and R&D facilities.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important stage of science in our daily life. Come into the office, find restaurants, stay up to date and do pointers on social media, all using Artificial intelligence. As for usage increases, there is a great need for researchers who can recognize Artificial intelligence and build Artificial intelligence technology. This application provides an opportunity for college students to explore the fundamental and practical aspects of Artificial intelligence.

Students who have completed this application will revise their use of applied science in artificial intelligence (AI) and in Artificial intelligence, and computer science in general, for innovation and troubleshooting. Areas will revise your lookup career, including starting an enterprise career. In addition to the guides that provide Artificial intelligence expertise, college students also have access to neuroscience, parts computing, and the Internet of Things.

The CSE (Artificial Intelligence) direction of Apex university Jaipur is a balanced fusion of theoretical and realistic education with substantial potential for corporate performance. In addition to theory classes, college students can work on tasks in collaboration with industry, which include case studies, considerable practical training, and video-based e-learning. Directionality covers cognitive science, pattern recognition, computer vision, cloud computing, machine learning, intelligence, and cyber security. The curriculum is designed to keep up with the demands of modern enterprises. The department seeks to educate college students as international mentors, offering each student the ability to study and recognize the cutting-edge applied sciences that have emerged in the past today.

Program Overview

Apex university’s Artificial Intelligence program is designed to enable college students to build sophisticated machines with the latest collection of learning, analysis, and visualization techniques for computing devices. Students will learn how to use them at IBM, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc., to explain and observe key ideas for synthetic geniuses and desktops. Deepen your understanding of related areas such as herbal language processing, Text Content Mining, Robotics, Reasoning, Troubleshooting. Students embark on a journey of implementing scalable alternatives using Artificial Intelligence and computer learning components, applied science, and tools.


ELIGIBILITY : Passed 10+2 examination with Physics/ Mathematics / Chemistry/ Computer Science/Electronics/Information Technology/ Biology/Informatics Practices/ Biotechnology/ Technical Vocational subject/ Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics/ Business Studies/Entrepreneurship. (Any of the three) Obtained at least 45% marks (40% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the above subjects taken together.

ADMISSION CRITERIA : Apex Common Entrance Test (ACET) Merit in Qualifying Examination + Personal Interview

SCHEDULE : Semester (8 Semesters)

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS : Computer science and engineering (CSE) is an academic program that integrates the fields of computer engineering and computer science. CSE programs also include core subjects of computer science such as operating systems, theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures and database systems. Include six modules : Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Internet of Things / Blockchain / Virtual Reality Augmented Reality

What is the Career Prospects After doing B-Tech AI?
Career prospects are at designing, developing and troubleshooting computing devices (such as personal computers, supercomputers, robots, smartphones, networking devices, embedded devices), focusing the underlying fundamental issues (like processor architecture design, operating system design, memory management, digital system design, communication protocol design, software development and database management) in the most efficient and effective way.

How can I get admission at Apex?
You may apply online and offline.

Can I do job during my studies?
Yes,You can do job during your studies. You have to submit No Objection Certificate for the same.

What is the eligibility of BTech-AI?

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