Apex 'EXCEED' Program

As providing placement opportunities to students is the prime responsibility of any technical and professional institute but here in APEX we are committed to do it. For this we have designed "EXCEED", a holistic program to prepare students according to the dynamic standards of the corporate. This program, in continuation to academic activities, provides a big platform to the students to crack interviews.

EX :-  Expert
C :- Curriculum for
E :- Employability
E :- Enhancement &
D :-  Development

EXCEED (Expert Curriculum for Employability Enhancement and development) Program as the name says is designed to set the students to meet all the challenges of corporate life and is designed with consultation with corporate.

The program starts in the second year where students are given knowledge about following.

  • Basic Knowledge of English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading , Listening skills
  • Activities to reduce stage fright, Confidence building, Spoken English.
  • Extempore , Group tasks
  • Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Verbal -Non verbal ability, Graphic representation etc.
  • Group discussions & Personal Interviews (Knowledge Sessions and Practice sessions)
  • Psychometric analysis.

The curriculum is spread over almost 4 semesters so that ample time is given to students to prepare themselves. The program also includes the following to Hone their knowledge.

  • Short term PDP courses by industry expert trainers
  • Expert talks with corporate
  • Sessions to prepare for UES of INDIAN ARMY and INDIAN NAVY

'The way you EXCEED is the way you achieve'